My name is Kristen French and I am running for Charleston County Council District 3. I am a scientist, beekeeper, mom, wife, substitute teacher, and community advocate. I have lived in North Charleston for over 20 years, watching the same politicians argue about how to improve our County without making progress for community. Despite passing funding referendums, we have seen unreasonable delays in public mass transit improvements, upgrading and building recycling facilities, and replacing the Cooper River Memorial Library.

Lack of transparency in matters such as the Naval Hospital/3600 Rivers Avenue property creates mistrust. I want to change this by serving the residents of Charleston County. Let’s learn from the past to prevent future mismanagement, improve transparency, and promote cooperation and equity. We will need to work together to address the many different needs of urban, suburban, and rural residents. Like the tributaries and wetlands throughout our county, we are connected in a variety of ways. We protect the well-being of the whole community by providing a healthy environment throughout Charleston County.